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Kristal Krumbs – Delicious!!

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What do you get when you mix yummy cupcakes and your favorite cocktail? Some even tastier! (that was easy)

If that sounds good to you, then you would probably love my good friend’s heavenly concoction. Her name is Kristal Shavers and she’s the owner of Kristal’s Krumbs, a “delivery-based cupcakery specializing in creating non-traditional flavors as well as one-of-a-kind cocktail cupcakes.” I was one of about 45 people who attended her business mixer this month. And I even came off of my diet to taste a few, and honestly, they were worth it.

Kristal, 24, loves family, people and baking. Although her company was started just last September, she’s been baking seriously for more than three years now. Want some? She accepts delivery and catering orders throughout DC, MD and VA, as well as other areas.

I was able to pick her brain and here are some comments that I think may interest you:

Her thoughts on her company name: My first name is Kristal and I wanted to incorporate my first name into my business name to show ownership. It’s my way of standing behind my quality. The “Krumbs” part of the name derives from when you take the wrapper off of a cupcake, there are always little crumbs left inside. And think of it like this, if the cupcake is amazing, you’re going back to the wrapper for the krumbs. It’s kind of my spin on “good to the last drop!”

Her advice to others thinking about pursuing their passion: You will never know if you can fly if you don’t jump! It’s a risk, but so is everything else in life. But the passion that you have – your talent, is what keeps you going. The fact that you LOVE what you do – let that be your motivation to do it and be the best at it. It’s hard work… really really hard work. But when you can look back at your work and smile with satisfaction… it makes all the hard work and long nights worth it.

Visit her website and tell her we sent you. And oh, let us know what YOUR favorite cupcake is when you taste them! (And bring us some back!)

Today, I’m thankful for those in pursuit of passions.. and for cupcakes!


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