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“On a Journey” – Eliot-Hine Middle School

Have you ever seen a vase that told a story? And not just the “we were playing too much and that’s how the vase broke” type of story. I mean a REAL story!

That’s what I saw last week at Eliot-Hine Middle School during its art showcase called ‘On a Journey.” By the way, the school was selected by the Corcoran Gallery to participate in a program to have its students showcase their work in the gallery. Can you say amazing?

I was into art as a kid and we had an art showcase called MayFest back in North Carolina. When I won my school’s competition in junior high, we had works from all of the county winners showcased in a school gym I believe. That was cool, but come on, it’s not a prestigious gallery! But I digress… #sigh… this isn’t about me. 🙂

So, anyway, the energy was pretty amazing at Eliot Hine Middle and the journey was worth it. And between me and you, I think I had THEEE BEST young tour guide this side of the Mason Dixon. The young student introduced himself to me and took me through the exhibits slowly, explaining the purpose, the techniques and even telling me about some of the students who created the pieces. I had a strong appreciation for this because as a fellow art lover, I don’t like to be rushed when viewing art of any kind. And I LOVE hearing the background of art pieces; it gives it life.

When we got to the vases (BTW, I feel sophisticated when I pronounce it “vahz” lol), he showed me the one he had created and said it told the story of the day he learned to draw and the stages he went through.  I was like … who are you kid!? That’s amazing.

At another exhibit, he said his piece was missing. Why? He took it home because he liked it so much. That made me chuckle and I think we’ve all done that at some point in life. I know I have.

So in addition to amazing art pieces, I was able to relearn a few art concepts and also chat with the school’s art teacher, Ms. Hannah Hakes, on the background and her thoughts on the exhibit, which was her brain child

Eliot-Hine Middle seems to be a great school. And that’s not just because the school’s Principal, Ms. Tynika Young, told me to say so. The art show was classy and the refreshments were pretty tasty also. #yum #chicken

Sadly, the art showcase is over. BUT!!, you can still support the school and their programs by visiting and emailing the teaching any thoughts you have.

I hope you like the pictures. And if you don’t, keep it to yourself! 🙂

Today, I’m thankful for young minds and the opportunity to help them reach heights greater than those I have touched. God bless.


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3 thoughts on ““On a Journey” – Eliot-Hine Middle School

  1. Luv a young child mind it gives way to how they view society at there age…… Great pics and commentary

    Posted by Yeni Makinde | June 6, 2012, 11:06 am
  2. Great commentary, it took me back to my years at middle school when I was heavily involved in art. When you mentioned “a vase that tells a story” and the explanation that the student told you about how it represented the different phases of his development in art, it put a smile on my face. Art is a beautiful thing and what makes it so intriguing is how one can use various colors, textures, layers, stitchings, etc. to tell their own story.
    What a great way to spend your time, i’m sure the students appreciated it.
    Art is the silent expression of our emotions.

    Posted by KeepinItReal | June 6, 2012, 12:53 pm
  3. I too have a hard time letting the paintings I do/love go up for sale. But when they so sell, it means I wasn’t the only one who liked it and that someone was willing to give me cash for it. Good trade!

    Posted by Melissa | July 10, 2012, 11:56 am

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