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“We either stand together, or hang alone.” Enter DC’s Guerrilla Poets!

Follow Me! @CMediaUSA Like a trip to my favorite restaurant, I’m hardly ever disappointed when I find myself at the fountain in Dupont Circle. It’s one of my free-day pleasures. Honestly, it seems like the areas’ most creative individuals take turns sharing their talents and sometimes, weirdness (I’m not judging, I’m just saying). So last … Continue reading

TamiCakes DC – “If you have dreams, wake up and live them”

Follow me on Twitter at @CMediaUSA    —    And please follow this blog to get the entries first! You ever know someone and think they are super awesome? And then you realize that you really don’t know them, but wish you did b/c then they would be even more super awesome to you? Well, meet Tami … Continue reading

Safeway BBQ Battle – Yumming for a Good Cause!

So, Let me be honest with you (brace yourself), one of my 2012 goals were to get in better physical shape and part of that includes putting ‘no pork on the fork.’ But er um… it’s been up and down. #sausagelover And um… I took a break the weekend of the 2012 Safeway BBQ Battle. … Continue reading