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Calling for MORE Change – African American Males and Acheivement

Follow this blog (look to the right!) and also follow me on Twitter! @CMediaUSA) — I attended a reception yesterday for the National Summit on African American Male Education, which is being held at the Department of Education today. The event is facilitated by the Council of Great City Schools (follow them @GreatCitySchls #blackmalesummit) The … Continue reading

Life is short. Smile Often. Wuzzup!?

Make sure you subscribe to this blog, follow this blog, and also follow me on Twitter @ CMediaUSA! — Wuh–zzuuuup!!!!!?? Anyone used to watch the show ‘Martin’? That was his signature version of “what’s up?” as he started his talk radio show, which he hosted. I say it now and again when I see a … Continue reading

You Owe It to Yourself to Pursue Your Passion – Dr. J is Her Name.

First off, Follow me on Twitter @CMediaUSA and subscribe to this blog! 🙂 I admit it! I was a busy child growing up. I remember some days when I would be doing several things at the same time: drawing wrestling men, watching cartoons, playing with toys, wrestling my ‘lil brother, doing pushups, running in and … Continue reading