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Calling for MORE Change – African American Males and Acheivement

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I attended a reception yesterday for the National Summit on African American Male Education, which is being held at the Department of Education today. The event is facilitated by the Council of Great City Schools (follow them @GreatCitySchls #blackmalesummit)

The summit will be live streaming from 8:30AM to 3:00PM HERE.

It was no shock to many of us on the ground-level working with young black males, but the Council’s 2010 landmark report – A Call for Change: The Social and Educational Factors Contributing to the Outcomes of Black Males in Urban Schools – let us know just how serious the education and achievement situation is for these young men. Since that time, the Council has been working with the White House on ways to combat this gap.

I’m personally passionate about the achievement of black males for a few reasons. You’ve probably guessed one of them – I AM A BLACK MALE. Growing up, I attended a good school system, yet I was still able to see the habits and support systems of those males with high achievement and those who were less successful. Living in the DMV area, I’ve been able to see how that gap becomes more defined in school systems with greater challenges. I also am very active in mentoring. Although I’ve mentored and worked with young people of varying backgrounds, there is something to be said about the mentoring of a young black male because there is so much they and I have in common.

Sadly, I can’t attend the summit today. I’m still very excited about what will be discussed and I plan to listen while at work today. Hopefully you can also follow along and learn something and/or send them your ideas after the event. The press release says that there will be town hall discussion, roundtable talks and presentations, as they discuss the issues and work on solutions and action plans.

On a different note, I also saw a few students from my Alma Mater… The great Fayetteville State University! I heard that they were going to be on the panel and I was hoping to bump into them… so that made my day! Bronco Priiiide!

Got time to watch/listen to the summit? Tweet me and let’s discuss your thoughts!

Today, I’m thankful for those who organized this summit and those caring enough to attend.  And I’m thankful for the companies who sponsored such a worthy event. God bless.


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One thought on “Calling for MORE Change – African American Males and Acheivement

  1. I’m so happy you’re an asset to society, and this interests you. Keep up the good work.

    Posted by Sharon | August 27, 2012, 4:16 pm

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