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The Art of Change: #PassionBehindPink

If you haven’t already, SUBSCRIBE to this blog! Look over to the right! 🙂 —- One of my prayers growing up was, “Lord, don’t let me wait until I’m in the belly of a whale to change.” You can probably figure that I’m referring to the story of Jonah from the Bible. While we’re at it… … Continue reading

My Mama, The Power of the Tongue and the 2012 Capital Cause Changemaker Award

What’s up family? I was recently nominated for the 2012 Capital Cause Changemaker award. Click HERE to vote… and then read on! — I appreciate my mama for about a million reasons. One reason is because she makes homemade biscuits. (I think this skill was lost on the new generation, but I digress.) Another is … Continue reading

Sage Salvo: Honest, Vulnerable, and Reflective

Be sure to subscribe to this blog! Look over to the right.  Also follow me on Twitter @CMediaUSA One of my favorite dreamers is @CourtneyMcSwain. She inspires me to DREAM! And one of my dreams is to share stories in front of a TEDTalks audience. Maybe from one of my mission trips. Maybe of some of … Continue reading

The Perfect Verse Over a Tight Beat; Two Things That Hip Hop Taught Me

Be sure to subscribe to this blog! Look over to the right. 🙂 Also follow me on Twitter @CMediaUSA — Hip Hop, Photography, and Passion’s Story Telling Hip Hop.. was set out in the dark!! Let’s go back to the period of 1985 to 1995. It was filled with discovery, DJ’ing, break dancing and battle … Continue reading