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Antoine and Lys: Facts, Fairytales and Magic!

Check out my fan page!  What’s up!? Let’s start with a few facts today: FACT: I traveled to Puerto Rico last month to shoot a super beautiful wedding. It’s a vacation spot but was in work mode for much of the time and found it challenging for me to really relax; plus I was … Continue reading

Art Beats and Lyrics + My One Suggestion

Make sure you like my Fanpage: ____ Art Beats and Lyrics was two Fridays ago in DC. I had a great time in that short hour and half that I was there. Well, we should probably count the hour that I was in line outside… letting friends act like we were talking so they could … Continue reading

DAWN’s Journey of Discovery: One Woman at a Time

Be sure to like my Facebook Fanpage! Now… I don’t normally believe in love at first sight… What I do believe is that sometimes we can have connections to other people and things and not fully understand why. After all, my mama did say that we are spiritual beings on natural journeys. With that said, … Continue reading

Bless Yous, the 2012 Changemaker Award, and Who REALLY Won!?

Be sure to LIKE my facebook fanpage! Did you hear the good news? No, not the Bible… the OTHER good news! I won the 2012 Changemaker of the Year award on Wednesday night. Pictures: Just a few few sneak previews from the event. So, after I was awarded, I didn’t get a chance to … Continue reading

A Beautiful and Bothered Bunting Buying Books on her Birthday

Make sure that you subscribe to this blog! Meet my homie, friend and sister… Darla Bunting (@DarlaBunting). Let’s see if I can describe her: If you took a brown balloon and filled it with all sorts of good stuff like cupcakes (don’t ask me how) and glitter and hugs and love… and then popped the … Continue reading

NFBPA: Turning 30 and Igniting the Future!

Ever heard of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators? Me either. Well, that was until last week when I attended their “Igniting the Future Gala” in celebration of 30 years of supporting black public leadership in government. The website states that they have 40 chapters and more than 2,600 members. What I really liked … Continue reading

Election 2012: The After Party and Chapmaniacs

Peace! First off, SUPER CONGRATS to my big homie, Mr. John Taylor Chapman, for winning a seat on the Alexandria, Virginia City Council. He’s an Alpha Man, but I won’t hold that against him. I met this brother several years ago when he had some funny profile picture on Facebook, but I got to know … Continue reading