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Bless Yous, the 2012 Changemaker Award, and Who REALLY Won!?

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Did you hear the good news? No, not the Bible… the OTHER good news! I won the 2012 Changemaker of the Year award on Wednesday night. Pictures: Just a few few sneak previews from the event.

So, after I was awarded, I didn’t get a chance to make my victory speech! I’ve been planning it since I was nominated. #jokes But seriously, more than a speech, I just wanted to publicly thank and bless others. I appreciate the fact that people see what we do and think enough of us to say ‘thank you.’ We don’t do what we do for the recognition, but the recognition is appreciated.

So instead of thank yous, here are some of my “Bless Yous.”

I bless God, who’s first in my life … sometimes. Sometimes he’s last, but I appreciate 2nd and 3,847th chances to make things right.

I bless Capital Cause for recognizing individuals doing positive work with and for others. The work that goes into initiatives like this is enormous. And the emotional and relational work (dealing with those of us who yell ‘I am a humble servant’ at the top of our lungs) is enough to make regular people second guess many decisions. I’m proud to be a member and excited for what’s to come from this team of leaders.

I bless the good brothers of Omega Psi Phi for showing up and showing out and conveying support through word, presence and many other ways. Cheers to 101! Roo.

I bless everyone who spoke a positive word to any of the semi-finalists and award winners at any point. I super support encouragement and we can’t thank others enough for helping to keep us grounded and uplifted.

Thank you.


In other news, I had to tell a couple of friends that we won’t be partying with the check money. 🙂 The funds actually go to the Point of Change Jail and Street Ministry. I chose this organization for many reasons. First off, I absolutely love the founder, Mr. John Lewis. He was my supervisor several years ago and quickly became a good friend. I truly admire his heart and I love how he is so positive and uplifting.

Secondly, the work that the organization does is needed! Unfortunately, we seem to throw ex-offenders away and/or treat them as lower class citizens; I’ve been guilty of this. The fact is, much of the difference between them and us is timing and that they simple picked a sin that was illegal. #truth This population also gets overlooked when it’s time to volunteer our time or ‘help’ out in other ways. We need these brothers and sisters encouraged and on the right paths. After they’ve paid their debts to society, they deserve an opportunity to provide a living for themselves just as we do.

And from a financial standpoint, society needs their taxes from when they are gainfully employed and we need to stop paying for them to occupy a cell. It’s also good to have these men and women leaving positive imprints in the community and with their hearts set on good and on God, if it gets there. I support it.

Check out the Capital Cause Facebook fan page (and LIKE IT) in the next few days for the full collection of pictures!

So who really won? It looks like we all did. My prayer is that others will be inspired to give of themselves and we can all get steps, leaps and miles closer to walking fully in our purposes (plural). Now that’s true living!

Today, I’m thankful for encouragement, for life, for friendship, for growth, and for answering when purpose calls… even if on the third ring. Bless you.


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4 thoughts on “Bless Yous, the 2012 Changemaker Award, and Who REALLY Won!?

  1. CONGRATS G!!!! so proud of you!

    Posted by Lauren | November 16, 2012, 12:36 pm
  2. So proud of you!

    Posted by AWordorThreeC | November 16, 2012, 12:42 pm
  3. YEAHHHHHHHHH, I am truly humbled by your words and I am very proud of you, MANY OF GODS BLESSINGS on your good works, deeds, dedication and just in time for your Founders day tomorrow……your exemplify what they stood for…..#FriendshipisessentialtotheSoul

    Posted by Yeni Makinde | November 16, 2012, 12:52 pm
  4. “They simply picked a sin that was illegal.” Amen! Congrats! I’m inspired by your service!

    Posted by Sheryl's Pearls | November 16, 2012, 11:50 pm

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