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Art Beats and Lyrics + My One Suggestion

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Art Beats and Lyrics was two Fridays ago in DC. I had a great time in that short hour and half that I was there. Well, we should probably count the hour that I was in line outside… letting friends act like we were talking so they could jump that line. Sorry to everyone who stood behind me!

But… the drinks were good and I was able to catch a few of the performances, although I didn’t see celebrities. The rappers had me thinking about when I used to rhyme years and years and years ago! (don’t let the camera fool you).

The visual art rocked (although a few friends said it was better in past years)! I’m super into art and would have appreciated more of the artists being on hand to talk about their work. I can wish right? See here’s the thing: When I view art with messages… ones that conjure thought and change… I really like to spend time with it and understand all I can. I want to see all of the messages and meaning… the obvious as well as the hidden. I want to know what didn’t work and what parts are getting the most intention. I like knowing what gets no attention… but should. I want to know what direction the art COULD have gone into. It kind of bothers me to see art and not understand it fully; I guess I’m weird. So yea, bring the artists!!! That would be my suggestion, if someone ever asked me.

Alas, no one is asking. 🙂 I have a few more pics from the night and will be showing some of it in the next few days.

Pictures: I hope you enjoy the few pictures I was able to grab. There was lots of dancing and would-be models posing in front of the art. (my favorite) I was trying to enjoy the evening and sometimes forgot to take pictures. 🙂 It happens.

Today, I’m thankful for the art and beauty in life. 


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2 thoughts on “Art Beats and Lyrics + My One Suggestion

  1. First, I wanna say I appreciate you getting there early so we could jump line. Nice pics! And that is a great suggestion. But we can’t beat good music, art, good people, free liquor, and free food!

    Posted by Leslie | November 29, 2012, 9:47 am

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