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Antoine and Lys: Facts, Fairytales and Magic!

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What’s up!? Let’s start with a few facts today:

FACT: I traveled to Puerto Rico last month to shoot a super beautiful wedding. It’s a vacation spot but was in work mode for much of the time and found it challenging for me to really relax; plus I was a bit nervous. In addition, I had just returned from vacation in the Dominican Republic in September, so I wasn’t very thirsty for the beach.

FACT: I should have written this blog weeks ago. I also have other PR pictures to share and um… I’ll get to it. #promise #wellmaybe

FACT: I love love! That’s not a typo! I love (verb) LOVE (noun)!!

Pictures: I really enjoy black and white photography; there’s just something about it that brings the brilliance out of photos. And when I see GREAT photographers using black and white edits, I’m usually overwhelmed with thoughts. So hopefully you enjoy my images, as they are a small taste of the awesomeness that transpired that weekend.

And with that said… I’m super excited to share the love of Mr. Antoine B. and his lovely wife, Mrs. Lys.

FACT: They met in college more than 10 years ago and both agreed that a solid friendship and bond was formed in the early years. I think many of us often talk about marrying a “friend” but this is exactly what this couple did. What blows my mind, though, is the fact that they don’t always see each other during the week; she works in NY and he works in DC, yet they still have maintained a sense of ‘magic’ ever since I’ve known them.

And I wanted to know more about this “magic…”

Lys: “I think what makes us most magical is that we meet each other where we are. It was a sweet deal, especially when we started dating, because it didn’t feel like we had to portray anything false or had to hide anything about each other. As time developed, our friendship grew into more of a loving and romantic nature. LO AMO! LO AMO! ES MI CHULO, MI UNICO, MI TODO 🙂 I also loved that he accepted and loved my culture. He gets me in a way that no one else ever will!”

Antoine: Magical… Our romance didn’t develop in the same fashion as most traditional romantic relationships develop; Lys and I spent years developing trust in each other before we ever decided to get involved in our relationship.  This is important because when you know someone “as a true friend,” you approach your relationship with that person differently. Basically, all that playing games and setting up relationship tests could be thrown out the window because Lys had already won my confidence and trust.” 


Sweet right!? They had me tearing up. We also discussed the meaning of LOVE to them and how it feels now that they’re married.

HER: “Love is considerate. It’s forgiving. It doesn’t judge. It doesn’t give up. Love doesn’t fail. Love is patient. Love does not give up on its lover. Love is that feeling of being complete in an imperfect world; of feeling like ‘wow I have you and you have me… when things are high and things are low, you will forever be my partner and I will forever be yours.’

Being married is by far the best feeling ever! And I don’t mean that in a corny/cliché way, but more in that once in a lifetime type of way. Antoine embraces every facet of me and he supports my dreams as I support his. Before him, I honestly didn’t think that I would ever get married.  But here we are, figuring it all out day by day. And it surely hasn’t been easy traveling back and forth between NYC and DC to be together. The long rides and sleepless nights were tiring, but they all paid off. I have my partner and I am absolutely with my match.”

Antoine: “Love means that you are able to accept a person for who they are and what they believe in. It’s consistently considering the other’s needs and most times, their needs supersede yours. I had no worries and didn’t get “cold feet” as the days progressed up to our wedding, because in my mind, we were already married and completely dedicated to each other. I knew early on in our relationship that I wanted to be with Lys forever because she makes me happier; our relationship is built on solid ground.

I think the best part of being married is the fact that I know I will have the family that I always dreamed of.  We have similar values and we share the same vision for our future family.  So yea, I know that Lys and I will be together forever.”


So even after that folks, I got a couple of emails from Mrs. Lys going into further detail of her feelings. Don’t you just love how our women are made? I do… (get it? I do! Lol)

Lys: “Being married to Antoine is the best thing that ever happened to me. My wedding day was hands down the best day of my life. And now that we’re marriage, our relationship could never feel the same. There’s a security and bond we share after marriage that I can’t describe, but feel. Our same struggles exist, but I have no doubt that we are working toward the same goals & that he fully values me. I have my fairytale. It’s not quite as peachy as a romantic comedy; it’s better because it’s our reality. I am currently delusionally in love.”

And then another email… Oh James, one more thing…

“Antoine is that one being I can share my all with and I am not embarrassed. I knew I loved him when I could tell him about my childhood in the Bronx without making anything sound fluffy. I eat SPAM with joy!”

She shared that she loves spam! That’s Love folks! Reading this will either make you happily mushy or sick to your stomach. Personally, it makes me smile and appreciative. Think about it… we endure ENOUGH negativity, hatred, and just unpleasantries every day and everywhere, that I look forward to hearing about the love and bond that others share. I support real life fairy tales. Do you?

Today, I’m thankful for the comfort that comes in true relationship. I’m thankful for the bond of marriage and I’m thankful for love across miles. And last but not least, I’m thankful for MAGIC! God bless. 


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15 thoughts on “Antoine and Lys: Facts, Fairytales and Magic!

  1. Thanks for sharing the fairy tale. Very sweet story.

    Posted by Dee | November 28, 2012, 11:11 am
  2. perfectly captured, thank you!

    Posted by Lyssette | November 28, 2012, 12:07 pm
  3. WOW!!! Tears, Tears. I so LOVE This!!! I cried, laughed, My heart stopped and Cracked up “she loves spam”. For sure it was a FAIRY TALE WEDDING” and they both deserved it. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. B!
    James ur a true professional I love ur work and love the black & white, my favorite in pics! Great job! God bless you!

    Posted by Yessie | November 28, 2012, 9:49 pm
  4. Sweet story, inspirational for those of us still hoping and dreaming of our own fairytales.

    Posted by Angie | November 29, 2012, 8:07 am
  5. I too love love lol. Great pics!

    Posted by Sheryl's Pearls | November 29, 2012, 2:36 pm
  6. This captured that weekend perfectly. Their love made us all come back home feeling a little different and a little more hopeful and well loving Love 🙂 Thanks for posting this James. Beautiful and Inspirational Work is hard to come by and you managed to do that here 🙂

    Posted by Yenexis | November 30, 2012, 12:58 pm
  7. I Love fairytales especially when it’s my daughter’s And Now my son!

    Posted by Gladys | December 4, 2012, 1:13 am
  8. You were very creative in capturing those special moments. You have such a beautiful gift!

    Posted by Lynette | December 5, 2012, 12:20 am
  9. I’m so happy my baby sis not only found but married the love of her life! Thanks for this. I must say I’m impressed!

    Posted by Michael | December 12, 2012, 10:20 am
  10. This came up in a memory on Facebook… I just re-read all of this… and it took me back to that day. What a beautiful moment those two shared with us. I am forever grateful for that. LOVE THIS AND LOVE!!!! ❤ and Now we have ANDRES!!! blessings on blessings on blessings as the great philosopher drake would say hahaha IM WAAAYYYY UP I FEEL BLESSED Yup! lol :*

    Posted by Yenexis | October 13, 2015, 10:22 am

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