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NBUF Feeding the Hood: “You can’t get people involved if they’re hungry”

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Although ThanksGiving Food made me Gain Weight, that’s not what I’m talking about right here. 🙂 TGFGW means “Thank God for Good Weather.” That’s what a few others and I said yesterday afternoon at NBUF’s (National Black United Front) monthly “Feed The Hood” project. The temperature was right at 60 degrees and it was a great day for service!

The Pictures: I thought black and white would be a good theme for this project. I hope you enjoy.

And serve we did! Along with having conversation with homeless and other community residents, we distributed men’s, women’s and baby’s clothing and shoes, personal hygiene products, basic medical supplies and tasty soup and corn bread to anyone who desired to partake. In the spirit of World AIDS Day (and DC’s reality) which was on Saturday (Dec 1st), condoms were distributed.

Salim Adofu, the National Vice Chairperson of Organizing & Training for NBUF, said the “Feed the Hood” project has been ongoing for more than a year and half.

“There are many issues in our communities and our goal is to get people involved and working toward change on the issues. You can’t get people involved if they’re hungry. Today we/re addressing basic needs.

#truth It really does take a village to take care of a village. Other groups that supported the effort were: Flaming Knights Motorcycle Club of Landover, MD, Paidamoyo Potomac Chapter of Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc., Ubiquity Inc, Kwame Ture Society, and Howard NAACP Chapter.

The soup was made and served by the amazing Chef Rachel ( and was sponsored by the Flaming Knights! Thanks! You knew the soup was good, because when serving started, a hush fell slowly upon the crowd like leaves on a windy Autumn afternoon. All I saw were smiles, head nodding and each person’s fingers pointing up and down at the bowl of soup in hand.

Overall, a lot of good was done and it took less than two hours of my time. Do you have two hours to give next month? Will you give it?

NBUF is always accepting financial donations and donations of clothing and health products to distribute to the community. I think supporting this project would be a great way for your organization or team to give back. In addition to this program, NBUF started a youth investment group in October that will teach youth the basics of finance and investing. It’s definitely something our young people will benefit from.

Again, will you support next month? Will we see you? I hope so! If you’d like to get involved, please contact the org on twitter or leave a comment below!

Today, I’m thankful for everyone doing service, because it means they aren’t hungry. God bless.


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