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Puerto Rico and My Feverish Fetish

I’ve been trying to post these pictures from Puerto Rico for a few months. We shot the wedding party at the San Juan National Historic Site and I just had to come back to get a few shots for my personal collection… It was amazing! The people were lively, the stones were aged and full of stories and I loved how the water danced in a rhythmic beat upon the rocks and shoreline. And there was sooo much history to read and learn from the people.

And come back I did.

Pictures: Here are a few pictures of the area. I’m secretly studying black and white editing and exploring my tastes and abilities. It’s pretty cool and also challenging. You should see the images that keep me up and then I trash. Well maybe not. 🙂

Even with the festival that was ongoing, there was a tone of peace throughout and I could easily see myself coming out to write or read or shoot faces. It’s one of my favorite places in PR now. I hope to add to that list of favorites when I return; there’s so much to enjoy in Puerto Rico.

As a bonus and as the wedding pointed out clearly, the area was super romantic! It made me think really quickly… I asked a friend for a first line and here’s what they gave me “this feverish fetish”… pretty challenging right? What do you think?

this feverish fetish is…
like fire ferociously burning spots
she is
my heat on December evenings
feeding my slender feelings
life… abundantly
she must be the real thing
and i feel things
i feel tinglings
through spinal cords
like lion’s roars
and tightened piercing piano chords
blood rushes and heart channels soars
to upper temperatures like desert sands
her dessert planned
she deserves land
and sea
and ocean
one man
just me
i’m hoping
in near hours she appears around
just to smile
and brings
my feverish

That was pretty fun and visiting this site was also very memorable.

What makes your fever come down, metaphorically speaking of course? I have many but nature is definitely one of them, as I just wrote about. For you, is it oceans and beaches? Friends? Mountains? Nature? Music? Art? Me?

Today, I’m thankful for art and history and the calmness of nature.


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One thought on “Puerto Rico and My Feverish Fetish

  1. I love the depiction of the old town! The black and white feature is lovely!

    Posted by Lyssette | February 6, 2013, 10:54 pm

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