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I Met a Girl! And You Should Too!!


LaydiaI met a girl folks!! And she rocks…

For the last five years, she’s been the formulas to my excel sheets, the apps to my iPhone, and the Thelma in my photographic Good Times episode. (I really think I’m witty sometimes). In all seriousness, I support her (at times begrudgingly) as we clash like iron and sharpen each other, … and are better people because of it.

So this girl’s name is Laydia Olusa. She’s a, well she’s an everything: baker, writer, artist, designer, photographer, and she even kisses babies and shakes hands on the weekend. True story: Lasts year she confessed to me that one time that she got frustrated using Yahoo years ago and had an idea for a new way to search for information online – a way that would change our lives forever. Unfortunately, she left her tablet with those notes on the train shortly after and two months later, Google was formed. I wasn’t there but I believe her!

So anyway, she has a Living Social photography deal (via ELLE LOWE PHOTOGRAPHY) with FIVE DAYS left on it. I wanted to share it b/c it’s such a great deal. For just $39 (that’s the price of an good happy hour outing right?) you get an hour long photography session, edited images, and everything sent to you for easy download. Best of all, you get a professional photographer bringing expertise, not just a person with a camera… It says a value of $100, but it’s honestly worth more.

Check it out –> LIVING SOCIAL DEAL

Read her about me.. isn’t it the cutest?

“The Canon AE-1… this is where it all began for me. Over 10 years ago, I took a black and white photography class and fell in love with the magic of photography. You see a moment, raise your camera and press a button forever freezing time. You head back to the darkroom and watch as images mysteriously appear on sheets of blank paper. Entering a darkroom felt like being part of a secret society….”

So don’t wait, buy one today!

Want more info on Ms. Olusa?

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Today, I’m thankful for frienship, it is indeed essential to our souls. God bless.


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