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March MATCHness! – A Juicy Experiment

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So, I thought about naming this entry “When the Juiciness drips down to your MATCHress.” But… I think that takes the mind somewhere else. J

But last night, the homie Jess Solomon (I actually just met this beautiful sister less than 7 days ago, but she’s already the homie!) sponsored “a juicy experience” (her words, not mine) to support relationships between artists and organizations operating for social good.

In essence, it was speeding dating for a cause. Organizations paired up with individuals from the arts to start relationships, chat about each other’s work and to see if the missions of both were a good fit for collaboration. I called it finding an “organization boo thang” for artists and a “creative sweetheart” for organizations. (I’m witty eh?)

But seriously, I support it. While I don’t believe that your NetWorth is your network (can we stop saying this?), I DO believe that your network is directly connected to your ability to perpetuate positive influence and change to the masses. Thus, if the good you are doing lives in a vacuum, you will only influence others who also live in that vacuum. But if you want your message to reach the masses and you want to grow your cause forward, your story MUST be told – in an honest, fair, respectful and compelling manner. DC has s reputation for pop-up nonprofits with little forward vision and we’re out to change this. I honestly think last night’s “The Match” was a continued step forward for many on that road of progress and influencing massive goodness.

I love Jess’ statement, “Imagine, a growing local creative economy where artists, cultural producers and social good organizations collaborate to: Produce work that moves missions forward; Attract and retain new audiences; Strengthen networks and generate philanthropic/patron dollars. Win/Win”

Yes, WIN!!! WIN!!

Here’s my suggestion for Artists: Last night, I overhead a young lady named Zachari ask an artist, “How have you used your art to support community?” I love that question. Artists, while organizations do want to know what your skills and passions are, they also want to know what you’ve been doing with what you have. What have you done to influence change in your daily lives. Are you all talk? People who sit around waiting for the perfect opportunity to do good, have often times missed the RIGHT opportunity. Do it now!

The pictures: Here are a few pictures from last night’s event at Cause DC. The energy was tremendous; from the MANDATORY pimped out name tags, to the top notch info graphix (Thanks Caitlin!) to the raffle and creation of boo-thangs!

Jess, job well done. Want more Jess? Check out Art In Praxis and Follow her!

Today, I’m thankful for ART; for WE are all spirits covered in ART and ART covered in spirit. God bless.


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3 thoughts on “March MATCHness! – A Juicy Experiment

  1. This is an awesome idea!! I don’t think enough people realize the benefits of collaboration and building partnerships; too often people try succeed all by themselves. It’s not efficient. Great pics!

    Posted by Haute off the Press | March 29, 2013, 11:48 am
  2. Great event- seems like a perfect fit for you! I love the large graphics that they used to tell how the event would run and what the purpose was. Also thought the questions on the table to facilitate the speed matching was on point. More events should be run with this level of detail and creativity.

    Posted by mindsostrongy | March 29, 2013, 7:34 pm


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