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DC Cherry Blossoms – When Experts Say NO!

It’s April!!! And the cherry blossoms, the biggest most photographed event in the nation’s capital, came out in full force this month. Finally. Yes… finally!

The blossoms were extremely beautiful ultimately, and they almost made everyone forget about the many false predictions that the experts were making concerning their peak bloom days. It was funny to me as I thought about the blossoms taking charge and saying “NO, we’ll come when we get good and ready” to the experts.

This year, I’ve had both erroneous predictions and heard NO many times. Some were from experts. Some were from those I’ve supported for years. Some were from myself.I dislike hearing NO in general, but when it concerns something I’m really passionate about or comes from a place that I feel should be embracing me, the unpleasant feelings are magnified.

It’s weird because while helping a friend with goals this year, I asked “How many times are you willing to hear NO before giving up?” I had to ask a few times, but the response ended up being “30.” I left that meeting pumped up and excited for my friend and determined to be an accountability partner.  That’s what friends are for right?

Yet, while going through my tough times this year, I was almost ready to quit everything after hearing that NO only twice. Have you ever been there? Have you ever been quick to offer advice but had a hard time following it yourself?

At my men’s group study this month, the facilitator stated “The way you set your priorities will propel you to success or bring you to destruction.”

I feel almost immature having to consistently set and reset priorities. It’s not so much discovering what’s important as it is keeping the main thing the main thing. One of my mentors says that life is a series of attempts to set correct priorities to accomplish specific tasks.” I believe it, but it’s still hard to do. That’s life though right?

Today, I RESET my priorities! I will:

  • Look 31 NOs in the face and laugh
  • Make success strategic and mandatory
  • Make my triumphs so big and flamboyant, that I forget the false predictions that “experts” make
  • Have fun while doing it.

How do you deal with hearing NO about something you really want? How often do you reset your priorities?

The pictures: After missing several sunrises, I was able to get out while the blossoms weren’t too packed with visitors. I enjoyed and hoped you enjoy!

Today, I’m thankful that the wrong doors have been shut and sometimes closed in my face and that worrying is NOT my priority. It’s not yours either. God bless!


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4 thoughts on “DC Cherry Blossoms – When Experts Say NO!

  1. Beautiful Pictures!

    Posted by A. Smith | April 16, 2013, 2:29 pm
  2. This is awesome!!

    Posted by LLT | April 16, 2013, 3:23 pm
  3. Good blog! Loved the pic of the sun coming though and the super fuchsia flowers. I also really like the part about re-setting your priorities. Such on times words. I love the world flamboyant. lol

    Posted by AH | April 16, 2013, 3:24 pm
  4. Nice pics BQ!

    Posted by Monica | April 16, 2013, 7:54 pm

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