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Miss Africa USA Pageant – Vision and Empowerment!


The Miss Africa USA Pageant was over the weekend in Silver Spring. I hadn’t been to an adult pageant (shout out to my lil cousins!!) since, well.. maybe EVER, and I was excited. I wasn’t able to stay the entire time but I made sure to drop by and snap a bit. I was sad that I couldn’t stay longer!

One of my favorite take-aways was Lady Kate Atabong Njeuma, the founder, sharing that her vision and goal for the pageant is all about empowering young girls and women. There was a sincerity and passion in her words that stuck with me.

Not only can the young ladies show how beautiful they are inside and out, but also show pride for their countries and support community initiatives. Many areas in Africa are still behind the curve in treating women fairly and programs like these help to attack those issues.

Pictures: I caught some of the red carpet and the first few numbers before I had to leave. Be sure to check out King Peggy (yes, a FEMALE King) in the pics. She was majestic to say the least.

Today, I’m thankful for vision and empowerment of women everyone. I love you! God bless!


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