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Dreaming Out Loud – Shifting Paradigms and Empowering Communities

A paradigm shift is defined as a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.

Busboys and Poets owner, Andy Shallal spoke of paradigm shifts last night at the Dreaming Out Loud, Inc.’s ‘When Dreams Emerge: Building an Equitable Food System” event. “The fact is,” he said, “people don’t like their paradigms to change.” He added that even though some crises seem locally based, we all are victims and we all need a paradigm shift.

Chris Bradshaw and Dreaming Out Loud, Inc. are a team dedicated to pushing that shift through positive human development and the cultivation of community engagement & social enterprise. I love their vision of creating a world where everyone “dreams out loud” or rather, has the freedom and support to take their ideas from concept to completion.

Chris said his team is working to ensure that everyone believes that inside of themselves is the ability to change what’s around them, and that there are others who support what you believe.

He also stated, “The name of tonight’s event is when dreams emerge and it’s about building an equitable food system. Still, our overall tagline and motto is ‘When dreams emerge, communities arise.’ It’s about rewarding everyone’s dreams and beliefs in something that’s bigger and broader than themselves. We all have commonalties that we must share and grow in each other.”

Pictures: Check out some of the images from last night’s event.

Although last night’s event… the food, the wine, the networking… was free, the good work that the team does has a cost. Can they count you in the number of supporters helping them bring healthy food and education to area communities? Will you help them continue to shift paradigms?
I left last night fed in mind, body and spirit.

And #shoutouts  to Motisola for supplying Motisola’s Famous Vegetarian Chili™, which was free and has won awards. Also, major #shoutouts to Tracey Webb and the entire Black Benefactors team for the support.

Today, I’m thankful for good food, great people and the freedom to dream loudly.


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