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Review: ‘brownsville song (b-side for tray’ #Theater

You finding a new road don’t change anything that’s been. – Grams. The story is based on the life of Tray Franklin, a Kingsborough Community College student and talented young boxer, gunned down by senseless violence in 2012. For a theater in Southeast DC, I think many local community residents will be able to relate … Continue reading

Queen of Katwe – Advanced DC Screening – Sep 2016

  Here are a few shots from last night’s DC screening of the Queen of Katwe. Wonderful movie!  

Blackberry Daze – A Story of Love, Seduction and Triumph

Blackberry Daze – A Story of Love, Seduction and Triumph “Blackberry Days of Summer,” the 2012 novel by Ruth P. Watson is now a musical, “Blackberry Daze.” Full of bluesy tunes and twisty storytelling, “Blackberry Daze” takes place during the Great War era in countryside Virginia. The musical details the lives of three women and … Continue reading