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Review: People for Whom the World Spins and Turns


There’s two webs here.

One inclusive of the web that substance abuse offers to individuals, family and loved ones and the web of characters that weave together flawlessly in this world premiere tale of recovering addicts in a recovery program center.

The five – Daryl, Steve, Sheryl, Ron and Haley – have strong personalities that many will either connect with deeply or despise for several reasons. Personal reasons.That’s what makes this production awesome – the way it will touch everyone. From the experience with drugs, additions of all kinds, and unhealthy habits, to the ups and downs of relationships, new and old. The most challenging part of watching the play will be choosing a favorite character among the many strong performances.

Even with the mystery of the ‘who did a certain thing,’ the dramatic aspect of the play moves along swell. I enjoyed the light suspense in a few parts and had already placed my bets mentally on who was responsible setting up the demise of others with perfect timing.

And you are right on time to catch the last weekend! People for Whom the World Spins and Turns is a dynamic and much needed collection of unique stories all told at the same time, in a way that catches your attention and never lets up.

Don’t let time run out on you – the play has its last performances this weekend ending on Sunday, July 15, 2018. Runtime: 2 hours 15 minutes with 1 ~15 minute intermission.

Directed by S. Robert Morgan, the Essential Theater presents People for Whom the World Spins and Turns by James J. Hsiao, MD. The performance features Matthew A. Castleman, James J. Johnson, Ayesha Gowie, Kevin S. Boudreau, and Elle Marie Sullivan. Assistant Director/Production Coordination: Manuel Abascal De Aquino. Stage Manager: Rachel A. Walsh. Set Designer: April Joy Vester. Costume Designer: Luqman Salim. Lighting Designer: Ian Claar. Sound Designer: Cresent R. Haynes. Properties Designer: Robert A. Weaver. Master Electrician: Jeremy Mayo. S. Robert Morgan is also the Founder and Artistic Director of the Essential Theater.







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