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Review: Chocolate Covered Ants – Back and Still Amazing!

I’ve seen Chocolate covered Ants at least three times or more and every time, I leave with something different. From the superb performances that give the characters life and allow the audience to relate, to the subjects the play tackles that ;both wound and uplift each of our lives… This is the tale of Dr. … Continue reading

Review: ROOMS a rock romance (MetroStage)

ROOMS a rock romance – even after a decade, MetroStage brings it back with a vengeance. The story of how Monica, the artistic and young songwriter and singer, and the smooth and carefree rocker, Ian, (the play’s only two actors) have their worlds intertwined in music and romance will have you laughing, sighing and of … Continue reading

Review: Turn Me Loose (Extended by Popular Demand)

Richard “Dick” Gregory is known by many names. Writer. Comedian. Activist. Actor, Entrepreneur. Also husband and father. I’ve always added another title to his long list: prophet. Wiki says a prophet is an individual regarded as being in contact with a divine being and said to speak on that entity’s behalf, serving as an intermediary … Continue reading