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Review: Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven


Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven was different. You know, like that new food that you’re not quite familiar with … the ‘flavor’ is a bit weird but it just tastes so so good? Yes – that. The mix … includes large amounts of nerdiness, hip hop undertones, life messages throughout and old school TV show vibes that join forces to help to make this work. Seeing this leading up to the big Avengers weekend, conjured thoughts of the Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy, except the except the “guardian” in this case is each of us and the galaxy, of course, is the fate before us all.

Vanessa Chapoy does well playing Annie Jump, the quirky 13-year old who loves science and quick wit. Living with her dad, Dr. Jump (an impressive Zach Brewster-Geisz), in the nowheresville of Strawberry, Kansas, Annie finds herself living those dreaded early teen years with a particular and interesting set of circumstances.

Included in those circumstances is Aron Spellane as KJ Urbanik, who goes from being a prankster on Dr. Jump to being Annie’s trusted ally; Annie’s favorite, very supportive and all-over-the-place teacher Mrs . Gomez (Robin Covington); and the intergalactic artificial intelligence in a the body of the wildly dressed teen, Althea (Emily Whitworth) – complete with colored hair, dance moves and random wisdom.

Althea and Annie’s back and forth humor and verbal dances really make this play memorable and pack the performance with on-time humor. Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven takes you for a wild humorous ride and lets you see up close, the pondering of life and the questions it brings. Go see it and prepare to be entertained!

Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven plays through May 19th at the Atlas Performing Arts Center’s Rorschach Theatre. Written by Reina Hardy and directed by Medha Marsten, featuring Vanessa Chapoy, Zach Brewster-Geiz, Aron Spellane, Emily Whitworth, and Robin Covington.

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