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Review: Arena Stage’s Celia and Fidel

If I can be honest, I haven’t seen a production with this much passion in a long time. The passion, the power, the politics and the pulse of Arena Stage’s Celia and Fidel, directed by the amazing Molly Smith, is riveting from beginning to end.

Playwright Eduardo Machado, of Cuban descent, takes his hand at examining the complex relationship between Fidal Castro and Celia Sánchez, who is known as a Cuban revolutionary, politician, researcher and archivist. Their on-stage banter and obvious connection is a testament to history, but also of Machado’s vision, and the sheer ability and chemistry of Andhy Mendez (Castro) and Marian Licha (Celia). Heather Velazquez plays Consuelo, Castro’s trusted and quick-witted assistant.

The story coming of age story as Fidel grapples with how he will lead his people and and move his country forward in a positive direction, and ultimately if there is still time and whether that is even possible – because of world factors and also because of how he has led in the past. Machado allows viewers to see the heart of one of the most notorious political leaders of our time and how that heart may have been touched by many things – the need for power, the voices of reason, and even morality.

Do yourself a favor and take the journey – it’s a must-see!

Running Time: 2 hours with a 15 minute intermission. Fidel and Celia runs from October 8 through November 21, 2021 at Arena Stage. Tickets can be purchased:

Celia and Fidal is Arena Stage’s 7th Power Play series, as they bring 25 new plays over 10 years and center the voices of presidents, African-Americans, insiders, musical theater and women. .


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