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Review: Momentum Collective’s “Last Call” – July 2022

Jason Ellis and Momentum Collective, Inc., are back with their long-awaited production, The Last Call. Ellis, and his many titles (singer, artist, actor, playwright, director, producer…) is founder and current executive of Momentum Collective, Inc., and has assembled a cast of ~25 talented performers (many local and some regional) and created a trip down memory lane with 20 original songs and nearly just as many dance numbers.

Set in Washington, DC in the 1960s, The Last Call is appropriate for today’s time as it honors women, their power and showcases some of the “isms” they encounter routinely – all in a head nodding, toe tapping ways. The DC setting’s importance extends past the mere fact that the production is being performed here locally. Washington, DC was (and arguably still is) seen as a premiere African-American cultural and nightlife epicenter, which is fitting for The Last Call’s ‘U-Street Records’ company and aspiring musicians in the musical.

Standouts are many – Daniyah Prosser (Agatha) who embodies the youthfulness and energy of all of the aspiring Agathas in our own lives; Alyshia Bradley (Ms. Shirley) and how she took us all down memory lane with our quick-witted mothers and aunties; Jenell Biggs (Gail Glaxton) who is clearly ready for the big stage in between her lobbying work; and Nate Daley (Luke Lawrence), a joy to watch and laugh at; among others.

In a world where it seems that so much is broken, Jason Ellis’ The Last Call is the perfect fix of entertainment, music and inspiration. We recommend it. The most challenging aspect of the musical is that we couldn’t pick just one song that was our favorite.

Speaking of which… when you go, pay special attention to the vibes and harmonies of the Tricksters – the all-male singing group that will ensure your shoulders can’t stay still. From their flashy and coordinated dress, to melting harmonies, they are not easily forgotten.

Photos: Gee James of Capitol Media USA


Momentum’s Collective Inc.’s “The Last Call” continues through Saturday, July 9, at the Nannie J Lee Memorial Recreation Center located 1108 Jefferson St, Alexandria, VA 22314. Tickets are $25 GA with discounts for military, seniors and children. Get yours by visiting the Momentum site.

Written byDirector/ Playwright/Producer/Choreographer – Jason Ellis; Asst. Choreographer – Jovita Tolbert; Asst. Choreographer – Kevin White; Stage Manager – Paul Menyweather; Lighting Design – John Van Voorhis, Jason Ellis; Audio Assistant – Albert Ki; Video Assistant – Joshua Devine; Set Design – Dave Moretti/Jason Ellis; Costume Assistant – Marilyn Edge See FULL Production List.


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