The man behind Capitol Media USA

Hey there!! Meet Gee James, the mind behind Capitol Media USA. Oh, he goes by James! 🙂

Gee James is a creative, independent, and exceedingly self-motivated freelance photographer and writer with a passion for creating and developing ideas in a clear, concise and focused manner.  He strives communicate these concepts to a larger audience through the mediums of photography and journalism.

Photography: A former student of the Washington School of Photography, one of the premiere programs in the DC area, James specializes in photojournalism, portraiture and event photography. He’s passionate about capturing special moments and the beauty of nature while creating, exploring and developing thoughts and ideas through photography. He has also worked on diverse photography assignments portraying social issues, the beauty of nature, abstract articles, and formal and social events. Striving to communicate these concepts to others through image, with each project he encounters, he brings what he calls the 5 Es: Expertise, Experience, Education, Energy and Excitement!  This ensures that each shoot is a resounding success.

Writing: James has ten years experience in various forms of writing to include reporting, journalism, creative writing, technical writing, analytic writing, poetry, and blogging, among others. He was the Editor-in-Chief of his collegiate newspaper and has interned and freelanced at a variety of other media outlets. He is knowledgeable in report design and writing business letters and documents.  Additionally, James is well experienced in communication with different cultures.

Also check out the images on his PHOTO BLOG.



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