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Review: People for Whom the World Spins and Turns

There’s two webs here. One inclusive of the web that substance abuse offers to individuals, family and loved ones and the web of characters that weave together flawlessly in this world premiere tale of recovering addicts in a recovery program center. The five – Daryl, Steve, Sheryl, Ron and Haley – have strong personalities that … Continue reading


Jason Ellis Reboots ‘U-Street, The Musical’ – And Wins!

Celebrate BLACK History with us! Last weekend! On the heels of the Blockbuster movie Black Panther and at a time where encouragement is needed in America more than ever – enter U-Street, The Musical, the groundbreaking play offering a fresh perspective on a litany of today’s relevant topics. I personally encourage everyone to continue the excitement that … Continue reading





Review: The Very Last Days of First Colored Circus

    “One of the top five plays that I’ve seen all year. This show has drama, deep laughter and head-nodding original music from start to end. If you don’t see this, you are robbing yourself of a great time!”

Review – Are You Now or Have You Ever Been – Langston Hughes Up Close

“This performance that blends history and relevant issues (from today and decades gone) with art, music and dance will make you tap your feet and ponder on the needed change to come.”   Are you now, or have you ever been… runs through November 5, 2017 at MetroStage – 1201 North Royal Street, in Alexandria, VA. … Continue reading

Review: You Should Be Off to See “The Wizard of Hip”

You should be ‘off to see the Wizard! Yes, as of today, you have two more weekends left to see the ball of musical and energetic storytelling called ‘The Wizard of Hip (Or When in Doubt, Slam Dunk), brought to you by MetroStage in Alexandria, VA. Let both the title both confuse and intrigue you … Continue reading

Review – Arena Stage Brings Back “The Originalist”

I’ll start by saying that this is the best play that I’ve seen all year. So many aspects would get 5 out of 5 stars – Edward Gero’s portrayal (and likeness) of Justice Scalia, Jade Wheeler bringing criticizers of Scalia to life with her rapid response, know-it-all yet wet behind the ears and the continuous … Continue reading

Review – “Still Life with Rocket” by Theater Alliance

isk Just in time for the summer’s family reunion season, Theater Alliance brings you Still Life with Rocket, created and directed by Mollye Maxner. A moving (literally) comedy drama about a family reunited and coming full frontal with their past childhood, current lives, and each other (again, literally). The story is about a matriarch, Etta … Continue reading