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Review: Momentum Collective’s WOKE

It’s been eight years since Black teenage Michael brown was both shot and killed by white police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. WOKE, written Dennis A. Williams and directed by Jason Ellis, takes place in the fall after that tragedy. It’s less about what happened to Brown and more about what happened to the … Continue reading

Review: Color Purple at Signature Theatre


Review: Momentum Collective’s “Last Call” – July 2022

Jason Ellis and Momentum Collective, Inc., are back with their long-awaited production, The Last Call. Ellis, and his many titles (singer, artist, actor, playwright, director, producer…) is founder and current executive of Momentum Collective, Inc., and has assembled a cast of ~25 talented performers (many local and some regional) and created a trip down memory … Continue reading

Review: August Wilson’s Seven Guitars at Arena Stage

Review: Arena Stage’s Celia and Fidel

If I can be honest, I haven’t seen a production with this much passion in a long time. The passion, the power, the politics and the pulse of Arena Stage’s Celia and Fidel, directed by the amazing Molly Smith, is riveting from beginning to end. Playwright Eduardo Machado, of Cuban descent, takes his hand at … Continue reading

Review: “This Better Earth” teaches and loves

The Theater Alliance’s production of This Bitter Earth teaches. There’s a lesson of how major events in American can affects us in different ways. There’s a lesson of how those events can be seen differently. And there’s also a lesson of how we can both be affected differently and see things differently, and also have … Continue reading


Review: Arena Stage’s Mother Road – A Journey of Freedom

William Joad is your man’s man. Hardworking with old school American values in tow – the good and that bad. When terminally-ill William decides to find the sole heir of his family farm, the ugly side of his value rears its ugly head. Finding out that the sole surviving descendant of his proud family is … Continue reading

Review: Day of Absence Stands On Its Own

When nine huge voices opened with passion, soul, & unity – I know immediately that Theater Alliance’s Day of Absence would be different. And different it was. “We will not bow down to your racism. We will not bow down to injustice. We will not bow down to exploitation. I’m gonna stand. I’m gonna stand…” … Continue reading