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Review: “This Better Earth” teaches and loves

The Theater Alliance’s production of This Bitter Earth teaches. There’s a lesson of how major events in American can affects us in different ways. There’s a lesson of how those events can be seen differently. And there’s also a lesson of how we can both be affected differently and see things differently, and also have … Continue reading


Review: Arena Stage’s Mother Road – A Journey of Freedom

William Joad is your man’s man. Hardworking with old school American values in tow – the good and that bad. When terminally-ill William decides to find the sole heir of his family farm, the ugly side of his value rears its ugly head. Finding out that the sole surviving descendant of his proud family is … Continue reading


Review: Day of Absence Stands On Its Own

When nine huge voices opened with passion, soul, & unity – I know immediately that Theater Alliance’s Day of Absence would be different. And different it was. “We will not bow down to your racism. We will not bow down to injustice. We will not bow down to exploitation. I’m gonna stand. I’m gonna stand…” … Continue reading

Review: Arena Stage’s “Jitney” is Powerful

August Wilson’s hardworking hometown of Pittsburgh is the backdrop of this favorite story of struggle and overcoming during change – externally and internally. This immediately felt like family. Jitney takes you behind the scenes of the greatest family reunion with your favorite loved ones. It sits you right at the foot of the elders while … Continue reading

Review: “Klytmnestra: An Epic Slam Poem”

Klytmnestra, the spin on a classic Greek tragedy, is all triumph. Currently playing for another week at the Anacostia Playhouse – it blankets tears and laughs, creativity writing and hip hop music, despair and hope, all in 90 minute session. Dane Figueroa Edidi is nothing short of a local celebrity in the theater world, who … Continue reading

Review: Spunk at Signature Theatre!

Spunk was magical in many ways. From the vocal talented that speaks for itself to the choreography by the renown  Dane Figueroa Edidi, to the way the three short stories give you just enough to feel an emotional trip yet want more. What had me feeling the magic the most was the way the Signature … Continue reading

Review: Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven

Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven was different. You know, like that new food that you’re not quite familiar with … the ‘flavor’ is a bit weird but it just tastes so so good? Yes – that. The mix … includes large amounts of nerdiness, hip hop undertones, life messages throughout and old school … Continue reading

Review: Arena Stage’s JQA

I assume you know little about the man, who was a writer, speaker, diplomat, attorney, congressman and of course, the Commander in Chief – #6 to be exact. You may have heard about him being a skinny dipper or even his pet alligator that was kept in the bathtub in the White House – yes, … Continue reading