The National Urban League is Saving Cities

Ft Lauderdale, Florida – National civil rights organization, the National Urban League, kicked off its annual conference on Wednesday with a theme of ‘Save Our Cities’. Hundreds of organization members, staff, young professionals and sponsors, and supporters convened to discuss current trends in the areas of voting rights, educational equity, police accountability, among others.

The state of the Urban League address was delivered Wednesday night and doubled as the opening of the conference.

Destiny Ferguson, an organization teen leader, introduced Urban League CEO Marc Morial. She began by calling the names of Trayvon Martin, Eric Gardner, Mike Brown Sandra Bland and other names of blacks whose deaths have drawn national attention to race relations. “My name doesn’t matter because we are all one,” she said.

Morial spoke on ‘the tale of two cities,’ noting the inconsistency and gap of equality in conditions for different groups of people living in the same cities across the U.S. “We must end this disparity because standards work if we do what is necessary,” he said.

Morial also stated that the Urban League has a goal of putting communities in cities across the U.S. back to work, helping to close the growing income and wealth gap. The gaps, he added, threaten the fabric of economic progress. He called for action from Congress in addressing these and other areas, such as racial justice, the voting rights act and job creation. “Black lives matter and black jobs matter, because all jobs matter. We must save our cities,” said Urban League CEO Marc Morial.

The urban League’s national conference includes several days of discussion and strategic planning on current topics. For more information, visit


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