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“When Africa Cried Out” … What’s in YOUR Hand?

Yes, when the people cried out, TransAfrica answered; and so too did African Passion Wines.

Last night’s “An Evening with Danny Glover” at the artsy Eatonville Restaurant, joined both orgs for the good of Africa. One African Passion Wine representative stated, “It’s not a sponsorship, but a partnership.” I smiled.

The Pictures: Just a few shots from last night’s event. I honestly wasn’t very assertive but I didn’t want to get in the way of others. In this case, I’m cool with that. Hope you enjoy.

TransAfrica has long been one of my favorite international organizations because of their purpose, management and assertive approach, among other things. I was new to African Passion Wines, but researching the company’s community involvement (they support many social and human justice issues) and also learning that it is more than 60% black owned (many times a challenge in South Africa) was a pleasant introduction.

The evening was very classy overall. Although the line to take pictures with Mr. Glover was NEVER short and of course many attendees wanted more time with him, they were still able to snap their keepsakes and the excitement was ran plenty. Fortunately, Mr. Glover was very personable and even listened to a few “pitches” from a handful of long-winded fans. That’s the mark of a true gentleman.

In his speech, Mr. Glover talked about the future being better than the past and holding each other accountable for the work that’s to be done. He shared how he never thought that his protesting of Apartheid as a student in 1969 would lead him to where he is today… on the board leadership team of TransAfrica and other organizations.

That meant a lot to me. I think it’s a clear testament to how the things we’ve done in our youth, and those which we are doing today, can lead us on certain paths.

I left last night happy to finally meet one of my favorite social advocates; a man using his celebrity to bring international awareness to massive good. That’s who I want to be (as soon as I become a celebrity).

I also left pondering whether I’m maximizing the reach of my resources, abilities and network. I remember when Moses was nervous, God asked him “What is that in your hand?” to me, that was saying ‘why be nervous when you have the capability to succeed and create change NOW, with what you already have?”

After listening to Mr. Glover speak, I had to ask, where will the acts I’ve done in the past and those I’m doing today lead me? And now I’m asking you; where will the actions you do today lead you in the future? What’s in YOUR hand? TransAfrica, Danny Glover and African Passion Wines are using what’s in theirs.  Are you?

Take a moment and visit the sites for these organizations and see how YOU CAN SUPPORT them though spirit, action and FINANCES. I give them the STAMP!

Today, I’m thankful for what’s in my hand!


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4 thoughts on ““When Africa Cried Out” … What’s in YOUR Hand?

  1. Sounds like it was a great event. It’s great to see people especially becoming more involved with the injustices happening in Africa.

    To answer your two questions, I’m currently working in Clinical Research and I am seeing first hand the disproportionate number of minorities enrolling in clinical trials and actually working in research. I think my current position will allow me get a better understanding of how clinical trials should be ran and how beneficial they can possibly be for us. Regardless of the negative connotation clinical trials have, we will benefit greatly for from the drugs that are developed and tailored for us. I didn’t recognize before why stumbled upon it but I am slowly seeing why now! Thanks for getting me thinking! 🙂

    Posted by Kells85 | February 21, 2013, 12:06 pm
  2. Looks like a great event! I agree, we rarely forsee where our actions are leading us. Looking back, I see little things from my past that were indicators of some of the things I do now. It’s both humbling and encouraging. It reminds me that everything is working toward God’s plans and purpose for my life. As far as what’s in my hand, I’d say gifts/talents, some pretty supportive people, and the Holy Spirit. When I type that out, I do have to stop and ask myself: ‘why are you nervous?’ Thanks for making me think 😉

    Posted by Sheryl's Pearls | February 22, 2013, 11:27 am

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