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Safeway BBQ Battle – Yumming for a Good Cause!

So, Let me be honest with you (brace yourself), one of my 2012 goals were to get in better physical shape and part of that includes putting ‘no pork on the fork.’ But er um… it’s been up and down. #sausagelover And um… I took a break the weekend of the 2012 Safeway BBQ Battle. As it stands right now, it was WELL worth it.

The RIBS!!!! #sigh I hadn’t seen meat fall off the bone like that since my Uncle Bro used to run the grill at the family reunions (but that’s another story). You ever eat ribs and find yourself mad b/c yours don’t come out like that? That’s how I was!

This was the 20th anniversary of the event and I was super excited, humbled and thankful to be asked to shoot the general event, including the opening ceremony. I didn’t even care that it was about 95 degrees that day, I was siced! (as the young people say, thanks AS for the spelling)

Even better than the food (which I thoroughly enjoyed) was the #PURPOSE. The event benefits the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington and the website says that they have raised more than $1.2 million for the cause so far. That’s amazing and well needed in this area.

Another thing that’s needed is thanks. Super awesome thanks to Crystal M. Grant (Twitter @AWordorThree) for believing in my skill and business and also to Suzanne Tubis, V.P., Public Relations, for helping me help to document the event. They were accommodating and put trust in my team; that felt good. And UBER (made that up) special thanks to my “partner in blessings,” Laydia Olusa, who was also the 2nd shooter for the event. Her eye for all things (and I mean ALL THINGS!!!) artsy is simply amazing and I’m blessed to work with her.

#ACTION If you’d like to give to or volunteer for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington, let me know and I may be able to come with you! #2getherWeCan

I hope the pictures give you a feel of the sense of community that was present that weekend and also gets you excited to join the festivities next year. I plan to be there next year, camera in one hand, BBQ’d chicken leg in the other!

Today, I’m thankful for community and good food and –> YUMMING FOR A CAUSE!


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One thought on “Safeway BBQ Battle – Yumming for a Good Cause!

  1. ummmmm so I am mad, u got me salivating here at my job….. I don’t eat pork…. but my goodness… them ribs look good… great job on the pics again and well done on telling the story…. next time… u need to let me know in advance when you going to stuff like this… I will make the drive down… especially if its for some good food 🙂

    Posted by Yeni Makinde | July 2, 2012, 10:38 am

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